​Phone : 317-710-7184 or 317-440-0637
Fax : 317-663-2659
E-mail : info@connections-in.com
case management crisis line: 866-491-7467

What people admire about me/best case management quality: I have a strong dedication to case management.  I have been providing case management for over 16 years.  I am knowledgeable in the field and have good follow thru.  I can easily go with the flow and adapt to any changes in services.  I am a team player and work well with most everyone!

How to best connect with me: I am a night owl when it comes to work so I can easily be reached via email.  I would prefer a text message over a phone call but can be reached at any three options.


What is important to me: It is important to me that my consumer’s voice is heard.  It is important that my consumer’s have a great quality of life and are treated equally.  It is important to me that my consumer’s and their families receive what they are requesting in regards to services.  They also deserve quality services that are consistent.  

Ashley serves in both Hamilton and Marion counties.