​Phone : 317-710-7184 or 317-440-0637
Fax : 317-663-2659
E-mail : info@connections-in.com
case management crisis line: 866-491-7467

What people admire about me/best case management quality:  

I would’ve never believed that this would be my career path, but here I am!  I have a daughter with a disability who is supported via waiver and have learned a TON about waiver, policy, supports, Medicaid, and community and I am happy to share ideas, choices, and options that may be available.  The waiver journey is different for every individual.  I enjoy hearing people talk about their aspirations and experiences and want to help them to achieve their goals.  I also want to enjoy the process, laugh at the entertaining and joyful things that happen along the way and learn from the hardships.  Case management is about forging relationships and partaking in the fun and challenges that life throws at us.  I love being a partner on teams to do just that!

How best to connect with me: 

Email, call, text … whatever works!

What is important to me: 

Friends, family, health, and having authentic relationships and communication.