​Phone : 317-710-7184 or 317-440-0637
Fax : 317-663-2659
E-mail : info@connections-in.com
case management crisis line: 866-491-7467

What people admire about me/case management quality: I think people would admire the level of compassion in which I approach case management needs. I really care about my teams and individuals and try to best meet needs in a clear and professional manner. I also have a fun and quirky personality I hope to make the wavier process as painless as possible. 

How to best connect with me: I try to work heavy in the field Tuesday through Thursday with office days on Monday and Friday. I can be reached either via email at rbremer@connections-in.com or phone at 317-496-2087 during regular Connections business hours Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. 

What is important to me: Professionally what is important to me involves providing the most accurate knowledge that I can about waiver services while best supporting my teams. I am a fan of finding out the correct information if I do not know the answer and relaying this to my teams as needed. I also want to make all of my individuals and teams feel like they are important and their needs are top priority. I love all of the unique personalities across my caseload and enjoy my time getting to know individuals and their teams further. 

On a personal level what is important to me includes my boxer dog, Charles. He is pretty much my oversized shadow that is curious about the world but scare to do anything about what is out there. I love to seem my family and friends when my busy schedule allows. I enjoy creating fan-art of  movies, comic heroes, and books. I have been really into running lately and I am always on the look out for a fun 5k or 10k to run. Overall, I am pretty out there most of the time, but love when I get an evening to myself to relax with a good book, hang with the fur baby, or have my hands full of paint. 

Rhe provides case management for Marion, Hamilton, and surrounding counties.