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“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
All people rely on and are interconnected in a variety of ways.  Individuals are members of families and their communities.  All people both depend on others and contribute to society.  Individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities are no different.  Indiana’s Medicaid Waivers can provide a variety of services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to complement and enhance life. 

While Connections Case Management, LLC has thoroughly trained and immersed all staff in person-centered thinking and person-centered planning with our individuals and families, in 2021 we embarked on a higher level of understanding and practice. Connections has committed to enhance and broaden our understanding of the LifeCourse Framework and how Charting the LifeCourse is being utilized throughout the country to better support the individuals we serve. Our team of Directors, Compliance Officer, and Training Coordinator are now certified LifeCourse Ambassadors. We pledge to continue to utilize and prepare the entire Connections Team to support self-advocacy and leadership skill building for all of our individuals and families. 

Welcome to your waiver journey!

Connections Case Managers are experienced navigators. 
We recognize the importance and interconnectivity of various programs and how they work together to provide support.  Our case managers are trained to understand waiver services, Medicaid, Social Security, and eligibility.  We work together as a team to educate you and assist you in accessing and maintaining these programs.  In addition, Connections Case Management in knowledgeable of local community resources, organizations, and providers. We work in small teams and share information and ideas to achieve dynamic results.  As a navigator, we strive to meet people where they are and improve their situation by acclimating them to their surroundings and options. 

Connections Case Managers are avid advocates. 
Connections Case Managers recognize that options and opportunities are essential to growth and progress.  It’s the ability to take chances, make mistakes, learn from failures, face consequences, and change your direction.  We are adamant that all individuals should have access to these opportunities. We work to identify opportunities to advocate for meaningful change that leads to progress for individuals we work with and also within the system that supports them.

Connections Case Managers are enthusiastic partners. 
As a case manager, we look forward to forging a relationship with you to celebrate your successes, commiserate your losses, strategize your next steps, and cheer you on in achieving your goals.  Choice of providers is pivotal. You will find that in your waiver journey, you will outgrow people, or you may require someone that has a new skill set or new energy.  People will also come and go -- some things you have control over and others, you don’t. You should always ensure that you are surrounded with the right people. People that challenge you to be your best.  Connections Case Managers are committed to maintaining an ongoing and evolving partnership with all our individuals.

Our approach in working with our Connections Case Management colleagues is the same as in working our individuals. We are focused on the process and what we DO have control over -- the choices that we make, the relationships we make, and the experiences that we have. We make mistakes, and we try to learn from them. We talk about issues and have difficult conversations. We are not afraid to say, “I don’t know” or “I need help”. We engage our colleagues to look for creative approaches and solutions to issues. We ask for our co-workers to accompany us to meetings and offer fresh eyes and ears so that we don’t get comfortable and complacent. We engage as a team because we know that it takes a village and a fresh approach.  And, we will have fun doing it, because even though we are a team that doesn’t have all the answers, we know that “life is the journey and not the destination."

We at Connections Case Management would be honored to work with you and your team!​

Mission Statement

​​Connections Case Management, LLC’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to create purposeful and meaningful lives by connecting individuals to services and supports based on their interests, strengths, and needs.