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CICOA - Way2Go

​If you don’t drive or you have a disability that makes accessing public transportation difficult, getting where you need to go can be a challenge. CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions can help meet that need through its Way2Go transportation options and discounts for older adults and people with disabilities in Central Indiana.​


Indiana Care Planning Counsel list of transportation companies across Indiana listed by city and county.


Programs that provide door-to-door (or curb-to-curb) transportation for purposes of shopping, banking, social events, medical appointments, getting to and from work, and similar activities for people with disabilities who need special accommodations and are unable to utilize other available means of transportation. Also included are programs that provide transportation for youngsters with disabilities who have no other means of accessing necessary specialized services and activities.


On June 1, FSSA began working with a company called Southeastrans to manage all non-emergency transportation for Traditional Medicaid members (you may also see this called “fee-for-service” Medicaid.) This includes any member who is NOT in a managed care program such as Hoosier Healthwise, Hoosier Care Connect or the Healthy Indiana Plan. Southeastrans is working to make it easier for these members to find rides to the doctor’s office, pharmacy or other medical office.
Southeastrans Trip Reservation Line: 855-325-7586​

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