​Phone : 317-710-7184 or 317-440-0637
Fax : 317-663-2659
E-mail : info@connections-in.com
case management crisis line: 866-491-7467

What people admire about me/best case management quality:

I work hard to keep the concerns or issues of the individuals first and foremost. I am a great team player, and am down to earth! 

How to best connect with me: I prefer to be contacted via email. You can reach me at tbaker@connections-in.com

What is important to me: I live a fairly different lifestyle than most people, and am very much oriented to keeping and preserving the environment. I have been vegan for over 14 years now, and am working on being as waste free as possible. I grow many types of exotic plants in my home, and enjoy raising them from small sprouts! 

Tylen currently serves Marion County.